Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal: towards transformative local development policies

Policy & Advocacy

ECOLISE has been in conversation with members and partners during a consultation process around the 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development. The aim? To trigger conversations – and to arrive at a shared policy position on transformative local development policies. Around 900 people from roughly 135 different organisations have participated in this consultation process so far. The outcome of this process: the Time for Collective Action Manifesto.


Background: ECOLISE & Advocacy work

ECOLISE policy and advocacy work aims to change policy at European, national and regional level so that we have government policies that empower and encourage community‐led initiatives on climate change and sustainability.

ECOLISE also aims to promote awareness and understanding of EU policy development and implementation among ECOLISE members and to build our collective capacity to engage with policy makers. Find out more about our advocacy work

#10theses in a nutshell

Background Ecolise and CfF Advocacy work


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