Deepening Phase

The Deepening Phase is a structured consultation phase that aims to dive deeper into a few of the 10 theses, exploring key political demands and arguments with a focus on the European Green Deal.

The outcome of this deepening phase will be a 2-4 page long document integrating key messages and narratives (“10 theses manifesto”), which will be published at ECOLISE’s main policy event (November 2023, TBD, hybrid event). The aim of this document is targeting EU policies (European Green Deal) in order to strengthen community-led initiatives on local levels and harness their power to localise – and improve! – the European Green Deal.


Science-Policy Board

A science-policy board accompanies the consultation phase: Its role is to harvest participants’ responses and give inputs from an academic view. The board is characterised by its interdisciplinary nature and its strong research engagement at the interface of community-led initiatives and policy. The board members have diverse academic backgrounds, including in Sociology, Environmental Anthropology, Political Sciences, Ecological Economics, Sustainability Science, Environmental Governance, and have been engaging with ECOLISE through membership, and collaborative research projects and/or the consultation phase since 2022. 

Editorial Board

The editorial board is the ECOLISE members’ steering committee for the consultation process of the #10theses manifesto (2-4 pager with key messages and demands) in 2023. Its aim is to create a strong participation in the #10theses consultation process by ECOLISE members and to act as a sounding board for a creative exchange between ECOLISE members and external partners throughout the deepening phase (June – September 2023). The editorial board makes contributions to the identification, formulation and integration of key arguments, political demands and messages which are discussed in the “deepening phase” of the consultation process.

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