Partnership Concept

We are looking for partners who are ready to explore a shared vision on  transformational local development policies which put communities at the heart.

ECOLISE is forming a strong alliance of  partners in its policy positioning process 2023 on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Until November 2023: join as a Process Partner!

Process partners say “yes” to the consultation process and commit to participate in and communicate ECOLISE’s main policy event (online/hybrid), which is planned for early November 2023 (date TBC). Process partners are actively participating in the consultation process until mid September 2023, triggering conversations around 10 theses towards transformational community-led local development policies and communicating the main policy event in their network, where the 10 theses will be published together with  a 2-4 page long document integrating key messages and narratives, the “#10theses manifesto 2023”. 


From November 2023: join the #10theses advocacy campaign as a Content Partner!

Following our main policy event (November 2023, TBD) ECOLISE is planning an advocacy campaign around the #10theses. We want to impact European policy levels and build a strong alliance for community-led initiatives, and for a strong and improved European Green Deal which puts communities at the center. To do so, ECOLISE is reaching out to partners to support the 10 theses by signing the #10theses manifesto  (2-4 pages with key messages and demands) and  join the advocacy campaign for 2023 – 2024 on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal. We are starting this process of alliance building by asking Process Partners  to become Content Partners – and will continue to reach out to new partners through 2024. 


For more information, watch the video below:

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