Partnership Concept


ECOLISE is forming a strong alliance of partners in its 2024 advocacy campaign on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal, ECOLISE’s policy flagship project 2022 – 2024. We are hoping to build a strong alliance calling for transformational local development policies and an ambitious European Green Deal which put communities at the heart.

What does being a campaign partner mean?

  • Signing the manifesto on behalf of your organisation
  • Participating in ECOLISE’s upcoming advocacy campaign in 2024 (January – June)

Find out more about the Partnership Concept here

Why join us as campaign partner?

Following our main policy event on November 7th 2023, we are reaching out to community-led initiatives, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), academic institutions and change makers on all levels of policy (EU, national, regional, local) to become content parters by supporting the 10 theses, signing the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and joining the advocacy campaign for 2023 – 2024 on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal.

1. Have strong impact on EU policy stakeholders and the European Green Deal!
2. Be part of a strong alliance of partners with similar values and a shared vision on the potential of community-led initiatives for sustainability on localising and improving the European Green Deal.
3. Increased visibility for collective citizen-led action in climate & sustainability: Featuring with your logo and link on the ECOLISE & Communities for Future communication (web), sharing of content on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).
4. Capacity building on advocacy and campaigning: Mutual learning ad exchanges on campaigning (with acess to materials and the professional support of ECOLISE’s cooperation partner The Good Lobby and the ECOLISE team.
5. Capacity building on political storytelling: Participation in a storytelling workshop (online, March 2024) including 2 workshops for preparation (a 2h online) offered by ECOLISE.
6. Support by ECOLISE in the form of a communication toolkit (social media, video, visuals) and a blueprit for event organisations (content, structure, speakers).

Deepening Phase 2023: Process partners of the #10theses

Between May-October 2023, ECOLISE engaged over 30 partner organizations in the Deepening Phase, a consultation process around the 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development policies. The outcome of this process, the Time for Collvective Manifesto, integrating key ideas and policy demands, is the foundation of the 2024 Advocacy campaign.

We are deeply grateful for the dedication and active involvement of the partners in this process. You can find all our process partner’s logos below.


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