50 local projects around Europe selected under the Communities for Climate initiative

The increasing impact of climate change and the recent energy crisis have made the transition to a green economy more urgent than ever. Local involvement in climate action is crucial to combating the apathy and mental health issues stemming from the perception of climate change as inevitable and threatening the future.

To this end, in cooperation with the Climate Pact Ambassadors initiative, the European Commission has launched the Communities for Climate (C4C) pilot action. This initiative has selected 50 Communities for Climate to support develop and implement innovative ideas for more sustainable and resilient neighbourhoods.

C4C projects focus on regenerating biodiversity, circular economies, renewable energy and water resource management. They also contribute to the European Union’s broader climate and environmental goals, aligned with its objective of becoming climate-neutral by 2050. Communities for Climate propose replicable and impactful climate solutions to inspire other local communities across the EU.

The 50 projects are located in Croatia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden, and will benefit from C4C’s specialised expertise, peer-learning opportunities, and guidance to maximise their impact. You can learn more about the initiatives here.

Since climate issues know no borders, the C4C initiative will also support cross-border communities, considering their complex environments. From projects across the Italian-Slovenian border to exchanges between Spain and France and collaborations between Hungary and Romania, C4C will foster cross-border community-building and ensure that inspiring and innovative solutions, best practices and valuable lessons are shared among the selected communities and beyond.

ECOLISE is a participating member of the consortium, along with our network member DRIFT, the Dutch Research Institute for Transition and old colleagues AEIDL, the European Association for Innovation in Local Development and ReScoop, the European Federation of Citizen Energy Cooperatives. Learn more about the project here.

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