Communities for Future is being spearheaded by ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability.

In 2015 ECOLISE launched the annual European Day of Sustainable Communities to celebrate and showcase transformative community-led action. In September 2019 hundreds of local communities in 27 countries marked the day.

That month millions of people around the globe were on the streets joining students at climate strikes and Fridays for Future in demanding action in the face of the climate emergency. 

Inspired by the protests, and by the desire to inspire and support citizens to take action in their communities, Communities for Future was born.

Six months later and everything changed, utterly. The world now faces another unprecedented challenge – the COVID-19 pandemic. Economies are grinding to a halt. Millions of people’s lives have been shattered seemingly overnight. Global capitalism is exposed like never before.

Historically, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. – Arundhati Roy

For decades ecovillagers, permaculture practitioners, and those in the Transition Network, have been imagining the world anew. More importantly, they have been experimenting with and demonstrating sustainable and regenerative ways of living. Like careful gardeners, they have been tending the seeds of a fairer, more resilient world. At this time of rupture, Communities for Future is about spreading these seedlings of hope far and wide. 

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Collective action energy projects put citizens at the centre of the #EnergyTransition. But how do initiatives like these effectively engage with local communities, recruit and retain members over time? Some lessons on encouraging engagement and participation from the COMETS #H2020 project.

Collective action initiatives need:

🙋‍♀️ leaders and support for leaders
💸 to secure financial participation from citizens
🤝 build a community
💡 find specialised skills and knowledge
❤️ promote diversity and inclusion

Read more: http://ow.ly/QunS50J2ymr #EnergyCommunity #citizenengagement #collectiveaction

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Collective Action Initiatives in the #EnergyTransition. The Comets H2020 project and research into case studies of social innovation in the energy sector found 5 key takeaways:
1. Social justice approach: the communities most impacted by the extractive fossil fuel economy must be at the forefront of the energy transition.✊
2. Don't give up! Developing a successful collective action initiative can take time and requires resilience 💪
3. Collaborating with networks at regional, national and international level is key 🕸️
4. Collective action groups often provide an added value by offering training and education for members 🎓
5. For small citizen groups, confronting "Goliath" energy players can be daunting. Real stories of underdogs who come out strong provide inspiration⚡
http://ow.ly/3Mk250J2wIm #EnergyCommunity #SocialJustice

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Calling all members of ECOLISE!📢 Preparations are underway for our General Assembly #ECOLISEGA2022 on Friday 20 May 2022. Register your delegates and spread the word 🗣️🙏: ...

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According to the latest IPCC report, greenhouse gas emissions must peak before 2025 to stay below 1.5°C.
The report highlights the important role played by #energycommunities 💡and how effective and equitable climate governance relies on engaging with citizens, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, political actors and businesses. #CommunitiesForFuture #CometsH2020 #energycommunities #climatechange #climateaction #IPCC

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Join us Tuesday, September 28th from 9:30-12:30 CEST for a hybrid event capping off our Communities for Future Policy Action Week, "Transformation through localisation of policy & decision-making."

We have diverse and varied line up! On the agenda, Economic Diversity | Bioregional Partnerships | Regenerative Cultures . Read our full program and register here: https://communitiesforfuture.org/event/communities-for-future-policy-week/
#CommunityLed #ClimateAction

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Our kickoff of the Communities for Future Policy Week included translated live broadcast, live tweeting and visual harvests for interactive exploration of our theme 'Transformation through localisation of policy and decision-making'

Thanks to our brilliant graphic harvests by Carlotta Cat. Visit us on Twitter (@CfF_Communities) for all the panels celebrating #CommunityLed #ClimateAction #EDSC21

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🗺👍We've added just over 100 new events to the European Day of Sustainable Communities lineup this week! With over 400 events to choose from in 13 countries, we invite you to visit our EDSC page and join an event near you or online from anywhere! Let's hear it for #CommunityLed #ClimateAction all over Europe! #EDSC21

==> https://communitiesforfuture.org/sustainable-communities/

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From our partners at @permaculture_uk in coordination with #EDSC21: We have been inviting Permaculture Association members to hold picnics, connecting with fellow members near them and introducing #permaculture with others in a relaxed, fun, delicious way 😄🍎

24 people attended a picnic at Fartown Forest Garden, activities led by Michelle from Growing Works included apple picking, apple block-printing, and apple peeling. Mike talked about permaculture ethics and design principles. The event served as a launch to slowly regenerate a wonderful urban orchard!

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Join us for the Communities for Future Policy Week, September 20-28! Capping off the #EDSC21, this week of events in Brussels, online and in France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Portugal will explore the #EUClimatePact and #CommunityLed #ClimatePolicy.

Click "Interested" for more details on the main event or local events in your native language ==> https://fb.me/e/1CnvsFs5h

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The European Day of Sustainable Communities is just around the corner! Almost 300 #CommunityLed events are already registered on our interactive map. Join us and become a part of this grassroots #ClimateAction initiative for a more sustainable future in Europe! #EDSC21 #sustainablecommunities🌍 https://communitiesforfuture.org/sustainable-communities/ ...

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🍄🗺Events are popping up like mushrooms all over Europe for the European Day of Sustainable Communities! Check out our interactive map and find an event in your area! There's also still time to plan and add your event to the map, any time from September 11-25! Join us!

#EDSC21 #CommunityLed #SustainableCommunities


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📈🌍Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. In 2021, it fell yesterday on July 29 but much of Europe already passed last Winter and Spring. We must take collective action to #MoveTheDate, not despairing but taking inspiration from #CommunityLed #ClimateAction for a #regenerativefuture. #EarthOvershootDay ...

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📍🌿🗓 Registering your #EDSC21 event is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

✅1. Choose your language
✅2. Learn what it's all about
✅3. Enter your event details and register

Give us a minute to make sure you're not spam and then see your event pop up with others in #Croatia, #Slovenia, #Spain, #Italy, #Belgium and more! Join us for this annual celebration of #CommunityLed #ClimateAction for a #sustainablefuture across #Europe.

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Join us 20-28 September 2021, following #EDSC21, for Communities for Future Policy Week "Transformation through localisation of policy and decision-making." As we highlight the thousands of #CommunityLed #ClimateAction initiatives around Europe, our elected officials need to hear our voices to take decisive action for a better future. Save the date and join a regional policy event in your country or native language.

#cooperation #advocacy #policymakers

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Join us #EDSC21 ...

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