Advocacy Campaign

ECOLISE is planning an advocacy campaign on community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal, ECOLISE’s policy flagship project 2022 – 2024. We are hoping to build a strong alliance calling for transformational local development policies and an ambitious European Green Deal which put communities at the heart, aiming to impact the 2024 EU Elections



The foundation of ECOLISE’s Advocacy Campaign, the Time for Collective Action seeks to inspire and empower participants to collectively contribute to environmental sustainability and engage in political action by urging them to ‘go vote’ in the European elections of June 2024. The campaign’s strategy involves creating a ripple effect: by crafting personalised messages aligned with the manifesto’s key points, campaign partners are anticipated to embrace and take ownership of these messages. Subsequently, they will disseminate these messages within their networks, fostering a broader impact.

Advocacy Campaign Goals

The advocacy campaign aims to:

→ influence citizens/ Community-led initiatives to take political action and raise awareness for the need to get involved in EU level policies

→ influence policy makers (Members of the European Parliament, Council, European Commission) that thriving communities need a strong European Green Deal with collective action at the heart

→ build strong alliances with partners

Core messages

Building on the Time for Collective Action Manifesto, ECOLISE’s advocacy campaign will evolve around two key ideas of the Time for Collective Action Manifesto, namely:

The “right to have a choice to live sustainably” -#2 of the Manifesto– and CLIs as Laboratories of transformative social innovation -#1 key message of Manifesto,-

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