Celebrating communities

Last September 23rd we celebrated the 7th edition of the European Day of Sustainable Communities (a.k.a. EDSC), an initiative we started back in 2017 to celebrate and showcase the social and ecological innovation taking place within community-led initiatives.

This year we launched the hashtag #JoinTheBigTable and invited communities to share pictures of their celebrations around a table so that all the communities could sit digitally together. We received 150 pictures from 40 different communities (see full list below) and awarded Applewood Permaculture Center’s picture illustrating this article with unlimited access to Greg William’s Photography Masterclass. Thank you all for your participation!

Communities work hard all year long and we believe it is essential to remember that we need to celebrate as well. Furthermore, it’s crucial to recognize the immense value of community-led initiatives in the fight against climate change. These grassroots efforts are often at the forefront of sustainable practices and environmental consciousness, and serve as inspiring examples of what can be achieved when people come together building a brighter future for all.

However, there’s one table we have yet to join.

Stay tuned and save the date to #JoinTheBigTable

European Economic & Social Commitee
November 7th, 14:30h – 18h CET

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