Reimagine Monitoring and Evaluation for Transformative Network Impact

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What if monitoring and evaluation (M&E) could truly serve our transformational goals? In this Communities for Future session we will explore how M&E can be ‘unboxed’ from its confines of traditional linear and mechanistic approaches that often serve funders more than impact, and how we can do M&E in ways that help us learn, be more strategic, and strengthen our transformative impact.

We will hear from a few ECOLISE members Deborah Benham (Transition Network), Anna Kovasna (Global Ecovillage Network) and Ondřej Konečný (National Network of LAGs Czechia) together with Katarina Kubinakova (Countryside and Community Research Institute and University of Gloucestershire) on the EU LEADER impact on territorial development about how and why they have implemented Monitoring & Evaluation in their networks, before opening into a discussion on the following questions:

  • What do we wish to achieve by implementing M&E in our networks and projects?
  • What are the risks of not doing M&E, or doing it in a traditional, misguided way?
  • How do we need to think differently about M&E, so we can make it a truly meaningful part of our work?
  • What challenges do we face with M&E and how could we address these?
  • How might we align M&E approaches across the Communities for Future ecosystem, while recognizing the importance of context-specific approaches?

The goals of this session are:

  • To better understand the needs and learn about existing practices of CfF members related to M&E.
  • To initiate a Community of Practice (CoP) among CfF members and partners to strengthen the capacity needed for doing M&E in a way that helps us strengthen our impact and secure funding.

July 14th, 2022 from  3:00 PM to  4:30 PM
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