Building our Knowledge Commons: Working together to create a shared resource

How do you feel after reading an amazing book? You want to share it with your friends, don’t you? What about a documentary? Or an intriguing article? How to share them all with everyone you know? How do we share them together?

The amount of knowledge about a better world is overwhelming. Organizing this knowledge well and making it accessible is not an easy task.

That’s what Communities for Future knowledge commons is about. It features community-led action on climate change and sustainability, or in other words, everything we know about making a difference in the world. It also promotes knowledge sharing and collaborative learning.

At our online Session on January 27th at 17-19 CET we will explore the knowledge commons and the ways you and your organization can collaborate on it. Working together and creating a shared resource is a way to support us all! With the right knowledge in the right place, we can be more effective. With all the crises ahead of us, we must be more effective than ever!

So join us on Wednesday 27th January to learn how to contribute to and make good use of the Communites for Future knowledge commons!

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