Project Building – Identify synergies and develop proposals for Youth projects

Project Building - Identify synergies and develop proposals for Youth projects

We are glad to announce that the third Youth call is scheduled for February 27, at 15h CET, online.


Since our last update, on January 10, we have developed a draft project concept, combining elements of rural transition, capacity building and regenerative futures for Youth. This concept was built on some ideas that came up in the brainstorming exercise we did on December 6.

This project concept serves two purposes:

→ The first, in a long-run perspective, is to put together a blueprint concept that can be mobilised and adapted by organisations in our network, like yourselves, according to upcoming calls and opportunities;

→ The second, more immediate, is to use it to apply to the open EUKI call:

We would like to submit a project outline to the EUKI call for proposals, whose deadline is March 12. This call foresees to implementation of at least 60% of actions in one or more of these countries: POL, CZE, SVK, HUN, ROU, BUL, SVN, HRV, GRC; including Baltic states (LVA, LTU, EST) and six Western Balkan states (ALB, BIH, KOS, MNE, MKD, SRB). 


With these elements in mind, our third Youth call has the following goals:

  • To discuss the existing draft concept and work on it with your contributions;
  • To form a working group and consortium to apply for the EUKI call.


At this stage, and in preparation for the February 27 call, we kindly ask you to consider:

  • Reading and giving feedback on the draft concept;
  • Do you have any projects/planned activities in the eligible countries that could be adapted into the draft concept? If so, would you consider to be part of the project drafting team and consortium?


We will continue to pursue other opportunities with those of you who are interested, in the future. However, considering the time restraints, the February 27 call will focus exclusively on EUKI.


A registration link will be sent in the next few days.

To review past calls’ materials, you can read the first call report and the second call slides (to which you can still contribute, by filling in slides 7-11 with your organisation’s information, or add new ideas to the brainstorming section on slides 16-22).


We look forward to seeing you on February 27, at 15h CET.

Should any questions or comments arise, please do not hesitate to contact Gisella Reina.


Thank you for your attention and enthusiasm towards this series! 

Best regards,

Sara Machado de Sousa and Gisella Reina


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