How to and why campaign for the European elections: citizen-led initiatives for a strong European Green Deal

How to and why campaign for the European elections: citizen-led initiatives for a strong European Green Deal


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Would you like to engage in the campaign for the European elections? Are you looking for ideas on how to get involved? Would you like to learn from other activists and NGOs about their plans for the campaign?

Join ECOLISE and our members online on 25 April 16:00-18:00 (CET) to discuss why and how to campaign for the European elections. 

This session is a capacity-building and networking opportunity for ECOLISE members and campaign partners of the Time for Collective Action Manifesto, open to all interested parties. You can expect to learn and exchange insights on:

  • Political campaigning (how to) at local, national, and European levels
  • ECOLISE's Time for Collective Action Campaign and our members’ citizen-led initiatives
  • The significance of European elections for climate and biodiversity action
  • Synergies with other campaigns targeting the European elections

Why Campaign Now:

The urgency of campaigning stems from the fact that citizen-led initiatives need strong social and ecological frameworks (such as the European Green Deal) to thrive. The upcoming European elections (6 - 9 June) are a make-or-break moment for the Green Deal -  predictions for a “sharp right turn” in the majority of the European Parliament would significantly weaken the Green Deal. Yet there is a clear demand from citizens for increased climate action. 

ECOLISE’s Time for Collective Action Manifesto for the European elections is the outcome of a two-year collaborative effort involving 900 individuals and 140 organisations from Europe. This manifesto serves as a voice for citizen-led initiatives, positioning them as agents of change who can have a key role in the European Green Deal. It calls for:

  • Promoting community-led initiatives as laboratories for transformative social innovation
  • Recognising the right to a good life within planetary boundaries
  • Safeguarding a strong and ambitious European Green Deal 

You can sign up to be a campaign partner here. Both individuals and organisations can be partners.


Laurence Modrego, EU Campaigner at ECOLISE
Nina Klein, ECOLISE policy lead
María Sánchez, ECOLISE communications lead
Morgane Le Campion, Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne (France)
Masha Burina, ECON - European Community Organising Network (about Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Frank Braun, Transition Initiativen (Germany)


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