Join the Launch of the Curiosoil Community of Practice: Awakening Soil Curiosity to Catalyse Soil Literacy

Join the Launch of the Curiosoil Community of Practice: Awakening Soil Curiosity to Catalyse Soil Literacy

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Are you passionate about soil education and innovation? Join us in the Curiosoil project’s Community of Practice (CoP) and become a part of a collaborative network dedicated to advancing soil literacy across Europe. Apply today to join the Community of Practice (deadline for application and you will be invited to join our launch session on the 6th of June.

What is Curiosoil?

CURIOSOIL (Awakening Soil Curiosity to Catalyse Soil Literacy) is a four-year, EU-funded project focused on enhancing soil education, aligned with the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe.” We want to provide a better understanding of soil amid increasing human pressures on this essential resource. Using hands-on Soil Experiences, CURIOSOIL aims to deepen public comprehension of soil dynamics, establishing a connection between individuals and soil.

By collaboratively developing educational materials, teacher training programs, and a “Soil Curiosity Kit” CURIOSOIL cultivates soil literacy, engages citizens, and promotes sustainable soil practices. The project aims to integrate soil health into EU school curricula by 2030, fostering awareness, knowledge, and behavioural changes for a resilient and climate-smart future.

What is the Curiosoil CoP?

The Curiosoil CoP is a platform for stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to come together and contribute to the development, piloting and implementation of soil education initiatives. Led by ECOLISE, the CoP coordinates efforts across multiple countries, bringing together relevant experts and organizations to achieve common objectives. Our main target countries are:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Luxemburg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine

Please express your interest even if your country is not on this list by applying here!

Objectives of the CoP:

  • Identify and Collect Information: Assist Curiosoil partners in identifying existing non-formal soil educational initiatives in each country.
  • Implement Piloting Process: Support the piloting of educational materials and the Soil Curiosity Kit, developed by Curiosoil partners, in educational settings.
  • Facilitate Further Piloting and Dissemination: Help in the piloting, demonstration, and dissemination of the Soil Curiosity Kit outside formal educational settings.


Who Can Join?

We welcome participation from various stakeholders, including:

  • Science education experts
  • Community educators
  • Members of environmental NGOs or non-profit organizations
  • Community leaders
  • Technology and innovation experts
  • Agricultural experts
  • Actors from ecovillages or permaculture associations
  • And others!

Roles you can take within the CoP:

  • Active:  I want to take part in discussions, share my organisation’s experience, pilot the Curiosoil educational materials and provide feedback
  • Observer:  I would like to participate in webinars and receive information on the project activities and deliverables
  • Expert:  I can provide expert input on the Curiosoil material

Benefits of Joining:

  • Networking opportunities with like-minded stakeholders across Europe.
  • Contribution to the advancement of soil literacy and education.
  • Access to new educational materials and resources developed by the Curiosoil project.
  • Recognition for your contribution to project activities.
  • Invitation to our in-person events in your country
    • National workshops for co-creation of recommendations for soil education: Primary and secondary education 
    • National workshops for co-creation of recommendations for soil education: Tertiary education
    • National conferences and policy briefs 


How Does it Work and what are the commitments?

  • Each CoP will have 8-12 members selected by ECOLISE in consultation with Curiosoil partners.
  • CoP members will collaborate through online meetings, knowledge-sharing sessions, and workshops: 4 meetings a year until February 2028.
  • CoP members will pilot the project materials, provide feedback, and support dissemination activities.
  • Results and insights generated within the CoPs will be compiled and shared with the Curiosoil consortium.

Join Us Today!

Become a part of the Curiosoil CoP and contribute to shaping the future of soil education in Europe (Deadline for application 15/05/2024 18:00CET). Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference in soil literacy. Together, we can cultivate curiosity and awareness about the importance of soil health for a sustainable future.

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