Member’s Hour on Policy Positioning and the EU Green Deal

In 2022 ECOLISE’s policy work will focus on position building with you, the members. Therefore we invite you to a Members’ Hour: “ECOLISE members and the European Green Deal: What’s in it for community-led initiatives?” on June 27th.

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Presentations & discussions:  

  • ECOLISE & the European Green Deal (EGD): What’s in it for community-led initiatives? What can ECOLISE members contribute to  bringing the European Green Deal to local levels? Which aspects of the EGD could be changed in order to be systemic and transformative?
  • What are needed support frameworks for community-led initiatives  in order to prevent burn-out of people and structures, and strengthen the capacity for mainstreaming constructive solutions to the planetary crisis? Here we will focus on community-led local development (CLLD), which is part of the EU’s method of LEADER - and a proven tool for bringing EU policies and funding to local levels. 
  • Presentation of the Community of Practice on Community-led local development
  • Building a united position: our plans for validation and co-creation of policy positions on the EGD and on CLLD - and how you can get involved.


You can learn more about the Community of Practice on Community-Led Local Development here on the website of Communities for Future.

Please register here if you’re interested in following its activities.

If you’re interested to be part of the CoP on CLLD, please contact: Nina Klein, Policy Lead ECOLISE:

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