Youth Voices on Climate, Sustainability, and Communities in Europe

Youth Voices on Climate, Sustainability, and Communities in Europe

Addressing the climate and biodiversity crises calls for creativity, transformation, and collective action. Around the world, young people are leading climate action and social justice movements, re-greening the land, and building sustainable communities in their regions.This year, coinciding with the European Year of Youth, the 6th European Day of Sustainable Communities, #EDSC2022, provides a platform to celebrate and support the young leaders and youth-led initiatives that are shaping our present and future communities across Europe. 

During this Communities for Future session we will hear the voices of bright young people who are envisioning and walking pathways towards a positive future - regenerative, more equitable, life-affirming, peaceful, and thriving in line with nature. To explore the following questions in dialogue together:

  • What is your vision of a positive future in Europe that you are leading from?
  • What are you doing to bring your vision (your love for nature and people) into reality?
  • How are you organising together in community to affect social & systemic change?
  • What inspiration and empowerment can you give to other (young) people?

A whole-hearted invitation to young people and everyone of any age to join us in this online event; to connect and learn about the experiences, visions, and actions of young people in relation to climate change, sustainability, community and political engagement and to be uplifted by the energy and inspiration of youth!

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