Build your clarity and confidence in collaborative decision-making

Build your clarity and confidence in collaborative decision-makingWe have been on an internal and collaborative journey towards a more transparent, decentralized, and inclusive organization and this training is another important stepping stone in that process. 

While the training is directed to both ECOLISE’s team and the Council, we would like to open it to whoever feels that can benefit from it, so we hope to see you there!


Nenad Maljković

Collapse-aware network weaver, group process facilitator and teamwork coach with a motto "Towards regenerative cultures through dialogic collaboration". Co-founder and one of the active contributors to the Transition Hub in Croatia. Served as a Council member in ECOLISE, twice. As collaborative cultures practitioner Nenad divides his work between local to translocal level of scale as a member of the Croatian Permaculture and continental to global level of scale as an associate in Greaterthan Collective. Based in Zagreb, Croatia.
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