Fundraising Capacity Building

Fundraising Capacity Building

As Tom Nixon writes in this thought-provoking article “Why money is NOT fuel”: Unlike a car which cannot start without fuel, money is never the thing that starts (or ends) a creative endeavour. It’s this combination of a person, an idea and passion that attracts the resources an endeavour needs. It creates a compelling story that people want to be a part of and the conditions for money to flow in and out of it in service of the idea. 

What idea do you want to realise? What money flows could you tap into (more)? We are excitedly inviting you to join this upcoming Communities for Future session to stretch our edges around generating money and build fundraising capacity together. We will meet to explore how to successfully fund community-led initiatives or networks and learn about viable income streams and strategies to generate the money we need.

During the session several guest speakers from our network and allies including Mauricio O’Brien from the European Crowdfunding Network, Davie Philip from Cultivate, Camilla Nielsen-Englyst (and Dario Ferraro) from GEN Europe, and ECOLISE project coordinator Ricardo Silva will share their experiences and practical advice. We chose to focus on five major funding ways, their pros and cons, for non-profits and community-led initiatives: Erasmus+ projects and Horizon Europe funding, philanthropy (no speaker confirmation yet), crowdfunding, and earned income as a self-sufficient strategy. 

Curious to learn more? Please join us and actively participate to increase your capacity, exchange “how to” knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned. After a round of short presentations and the usual 1.5 h session we will offer an extra 30 min of deeper dialogue - probably in small groups - with speakers available for questions and answers, support and fundraising tips. Let’s get better in funding our work and communities for future!

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