Online event on innovative wind governance practices

Online event on innovative wind governance practices

Delivering on the EU renewable energy targets requires installing more and larger on- and offshore wind energy technologies and speeding up planning and deployment processes whilst considering and balancing diverse social, environmental, technological and economic effects. Thus, accelerating wind energy deployment in a sustainable and just manner must encompass structures and processes in decision-making and in citizen participation.

The European funded research and innovation project, JustWind4All is set to advance wind energy in sustainable and just ways, by tackling key challenges:

  • Knowledge gaps – How to assess the full breadth of impacts of wind development, including a variety of social, environmental, technical and economic indicators?
  • Justice deficit – How to address disputes around wind energy deployment in a transparent way resulting in a fair distribution of outcomes among stakeholders?
  • Unsuitable policy frameworks – How to foster more coherent policy frameworks for wind energy taking into account the interrelations between different governance levels?
  • Unlocking novel resources – How to harness the full potential of wind energy making use of novel technologies (e.g. airborne, floating) and new trends (e.g. repowering)?

To facilitate knowledge and experience exchange between and across policy, civil society, academia and industry, the JustWind4All Consortium is organizing an online public event on January 31st between 11:30 and 12:45 CET. We’re calling it: ‘Innovative wind governance practices: challenges and solutions to accelerate just and sustainable wind energy deployment in Europe’.

The event agenda, built on the aforementioned challenges, will include a short introduction of JustWind4All and then focus on an interactive panel debate with wind energy stakeholders. The insights and feedback generated during the discussion will feed into JW4ALL’s plans and activities for the next months of the project.

To complete your registration and stay up to date with the event, click here.

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