Advocacy Campaigning Training (14 & 15 March, Belgium)

Advocacy Campaigning Training (14 & 15 March, Belgium)

Communities for Future is committed to “System Change, not Climate Change”, but how are we making this change?

A 2-day in-person training to connect and build our skills in advocating for community-led local development, taking place in Belgium, 14-15 March 2023

In these times, the capacities, adaptation and resilience of regenerative communities are essential. Yet they need to become coherent and connected, so local actions can emerge as a powerful social system (an eco-system network) with positive influence at a wider societal and political scale. Communities for Future invites those hungry for change to come together, nourish our networks, learn, share experiences, build capacity and co-create an advocacy campaign. If you don’t know what kind of advocacy campaigning is being done in your country for community-led initiatives or you think the current efforts are not enough, do join forces with us!

This training will equip you with:

- Understanding and integrating advocacy basics
- Campaigning skills and resources
- Embed you in a network of peers

On this training ECOLISE is collaborating with the Good Lobby to synergise with the ongoing policy consultation process. The focus is to embody the 10 Theses towards transformative community-led local development and make use of them for advocacy campaigning on European, national and local levels.

The event and travels are fully funded for 20 participants and food costs are covered for 10 additional participants (ideally people from nearby). To apply for your place in this training, please fill out this form before February 6th!
You’ll reach us for more info at

The event would also have other training parts including team building and networking elements and a Community Climate Coaches (CCC) multiplier session (exact time yet to be confirmed).


** More information:

Koningsteen Center

The Good Lobby

10 Theses towards transformative community-led local development
(System Change, not Climate Change; pages 22 + 23)

Community Climate Coaches


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