Creating Regenerative Futures with your Local Council

Creating Regenerative Futures with your Local Council

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  • Showing successful stories of CLI's working with local councils

  • Sharing tools & resources

  • Linking to the policy thesis in the topic



Two mayors/municipal servants:


2 CLI's:

  • Cristiano Bottone, Kunelab, Monteveglio, Italy

  • Amy Scaife, HubRen, London, UK

Community-led initiatives and local authorities have shown fruitful collaboration but that’s far from being the dominant interaction between them. Local initiatives often struggle to have constructive partnerships with their municipalities or counties. And vice versa: a municipality can invite community-led initiatives to their projects and fail to gain their engagement.

There’s never a lack of crisis situations and the strong bond between local authorities and communities has proven to be essential for the constructive response to crises. Regions with such a tight bond have done better during the pandemic than those that failed to build bridges.

The ECOLISE team contributed to balancing the understanding of who initiates change. Communities are the drivers of change towards sustainability, but hundreds of local authorities are just as engaged.

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