Let’s meet among Communities of Practice?

A community of practice is a group of people that want to share what they know, support one another, and intentionally create new knowledge for their field of practice (from Margaret Wheatley here). 

How great is this? 

Aiming at amplifying the vision and purpose of the Communities of Future program, on the 2nd December 2020 we started a movement to create an Ecosystem of Communities of Practice (watch the replay session here). Since then a small working group has been meeting every month to dive deeper into its materialization. Read our presentation here.

Now, we’d like to have an open session to continue this work and:

  1. Get different communities of practice to get to know each other;
  2. Hear their stories and map needs;
  3. Show where the co-design of this ecosystem is at and where it can go.
  4. Invite participants to join us.

Come and join us on June 28th, from 17-19h CEST, bring your voice, your learnings, your motivation to collaborate. 

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