ALTER NATIVES: Building possible futures – Documentary Screening

ALTER NATIVES: Building possible futures - Documentary Screening

A lot of small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.”

African Proverb


  • 20:15 - Introduction of the documentary by co-director Juan
    del Río
  • 20:30 - Screening of the documentary
  • 22:30 - Short Q&A and conversation


Alter Nativas - Building possible futures is a documentary about transition initiatives and ecosocial regeneration. A collective project to make transformative experiences visible and inspire other possible futures.

“Alternatives”, from Latin Alter (other) y Nativus (born), refers to the search for new realities, and new origins. This is the starting point for this documentary project: showing innovative initiatives of socio-ecological transition. Diverse experiences provide responses to the worldwide systemic crisis (energetic, economic, ecological, social, cultural and epistemic) that we are suffering.

ALTER NATIVES is a collaborative film that seeks to address specific questions from a proactive approach. How can we cope with this situation and adapt to a changing reality? What individual and collective alternatives are being put in place in order to transition towards resilient communities and more sustainable lifestyles? What new stories and experiences can shape the future of our neighbourhoods, towns and cities? How can we start walking towards a new economy that promotes social justice and harmony for our planet and ourselves? This documentary feature aims to answer all of these questions by showing initiatives from diverse fields that can inspire people to take action.

What are the contents?

The documentary aims to show:

  • Socioecological transition initiatives in a wide sense. Initiatives that are transformative and innovative, foster a regenerative culture. Among them are several ECOLISE members.
  • Change processes at ecological, economic, social and cultural levels.
  • Different interrelated areas where the transition process is key:
    • Energy (including housing and mobility).
    • Economy.
    • Food (production and consumption).
    • Education (formal and informal).
    • Governance (community, municipalism, etc).
  • Transition processes, both at the collective and individual levels.
  • What drives participants to develop their projects.
  • The itinerary undertook by the initiative: starting point, how they evolve, conflicts (internal and external) that arise and how they overcome them.

International Premiere:

Alter Nativas is a film that has been released in the Spring of 2023 and this will be one of the first international screenings.

The film will be screened in the original version (Spanish, Catalan and a bit of English) with English subtitles. Its duration is 115min.

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