Join the Launch of the Curiosoil Community of Practice: Awakening Soil Curiosity to Catalyse Soil Literacy

Are you passionate about soil education and innovation? Join us in the Curiosoil project’s Community of Practice (CoP) and become a part of a collaborative network dedicated to advancing soil literacy across Europe. Apply today to join the Community of Practice (deadline for application 15/05/2024 18:00CET), and if you are selected you will be invited to join our launch session on the 6th of June.

Curiosoil Community of Practice
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We are mapping existing soil initiatives with an educational component in community-based initiatives (outside formal educational settings = not in schools and universities).

Why are we asking this? We are interested in understanding more about our network to improve outreach and diversity and to fulfill donor reporting requirements.

It is not a mandatory part for signing up for the event and its data processing is GDPR compliant and can be consulted in our Privacy policy

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