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Ecosystem of Communities Of Practice

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The Communities of Practice Ecossystem unfolding

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    Dear Communities of Practice Ecosystem community,

    we’d like to update you on what has been going on since we first met last December.
    After that CfF session that gave name and rise to this group, and for which you can read a very comprehensive article about it written by @duncancrowley, we have been busy as:

    1. we had a first meeting with a group of people that showed interest in continuing exploring and co-developing the CoPs ecosystem idea;

    2. we harvested, updated and organised our MIRO “play”-board, where we now have the diagram and first ideas for the Ecosystem, notes of the CfF Session and of our follow-up meeting on 16 Dec and a summary of these notes, framed as a template that we can use for our further discussions;

    3. And we have scheduled our next meeting with this focus group for wednesday the 3rd!

    Things are moving forward! It will be lovely to dive again a bit deeper from where we left the discussion last time and we will be updating you here on the platform. If you are interested in joining the work group please leave me a message.
    I leave you with a snapshot of our Communities of Practice Ecosystem diagram that we presented to you in early December 2020.

    See you soon,

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    And here’s the snapshotThe CoPs Ecosystem first diagram promised.

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    Duncan Crowley

    Hi Sara, I can not see the image, plz confirm. Thanks, D

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    Duncan Crowley

    We’d another great step this week, infos at: Translocal adventures, Communities of Practice and the TNOC Festival

    Translocal adventures, Communities of Practice and the TNOC Festival

    Translocal adventures, Communities of Practice and the TNOC Festival A short report with vid from our experiment this week to counter climate change & create better cities for nature & ALL humans, at the 5 day urban #TNOCFestival.

    UrbanA, ECOLISE and Communities for Future joined forces to lead an experimental seed session on the first day of the amazing The Nature of Cities Festival (with online discussions on the #TNOCFestival hashtag). About 25 people turned up from different corners of the planet, on Monday 22nd of February 2021, to explore the topic of “Translocal adventures in developing an Urban Systems Community of Practice”. The event was hosted by Giorgia Silvestri & Duncan Crowley from UrbanA and Sara Silva from ECOLISE…

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