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How to reinvent communities, cities, villages in the near future

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    tom charles osher

    Hola, we are in the process of developing a gigantic network of networks of like minded people, orgs. etc. with tools for collaboration and organizing on all scales since March 2020. We are still about a year a way from launching.

    We also made a 7 minute animation explaining horizontal governing which is perfect for communities to organize and manage projects by creating citizen assemblies for every aspect of the community. It is decentralized, effective and efficient, extremely democratic, decentralized, and virtually incorruptible: Please share and distribute.

    Once we have huge numbers in the network of networks, people from every sector can collaboraate with their counterparts around the world. In this way the new paradigm will emerge organically, collaboratively, and autonomously.  Through feedback and transparency it will always be improving.

    To augment this, we are in the process of creating an ever growing encyclopedia of innovations that will be available to all in the network.

    We are activists and these are some of our strategies in process.



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