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Urban Sustainability and Justice

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Towards a necessary regenerative urban planning.

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    Duncan Crowley

    Towards a necessary regenerative urban planning. Insights from community-led initiatives for ecocity transformation

    Very happy to share that my 1st peer-reviewed scientific article was published yesterday. Its about the challenges we face, and possible solutions that some of us are working on. I hope some of the conlusions help us in the next few days and weeks..

    1. Discussion and Conclusions

    Shifting from sustainable to regenerative practice combats climate breakdown, while increasing social wellbeing for all of humanity. Degrowth criticises sustainability’s relationship to perpetual quantitative growth on a finite planet. Permaculture’s post carbon pathway shows us where we must go, doughnut economics gives us the compass to get there.

    Community-led initiatives hovering at the periphery become catalysts for system change when their communities of practice emerge with real power and influence to make old structures obsolete. Bridging activism and academia deepens science, gives transition tools to communities and shapes climate emergency response policy.

    Fixing planetary urbanisation requires global ecocity transformations. Regenerative planning moves from what to who and how; unfolding processes of nested communities blossoming to transform their worlds, at all scales: backyard, neighbourhood, city. Scaling ecovillage approaches to ecocities demands locally owned, participatory processes remain intact. Fractal-like, multi scaled, community-led, bottom up governance experiments to enable this, already exist. Breaking through the windows of opportunity to re-make our cities is everyone’s business.

    Using holistic whole systems approaches, regenerative planning frameworks identify leverage points to transform the way humans inhabit the earth. Active citizens become mutually-evolving participants in their ecosystem through collaboration. When municipalities listen and open tools, knowledge and experiences to the politics of everyday life, regenerative visions emerge from squares, assemblies and gardens. Despite the hardships, Marvila fought, Marvila won. Marvila, Ajuda, Bela Flor are transforming their worlds. Time for Lisbon to create that truly green, regenerative city, an ecocity.

    PDF at

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