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    Pauliina Helle

    Hey all! I’m Pauliina from the ECOLISE team that is working on developing this CoPs Ecosystem that Duncan mentioned above. For giving you an update, we have a work group that has been coming together regularly since the first event that we held in December. We are co-designing the first steps for a conscious evolution of this Ecosystem of various Communities of Practice, that all work for an eco-social just transition. Obviously an ecosystem already exists, as there are many Communities of Practice working passionately on their specific subject (such as UrbanA), but they are not all conscious of each other or at least not actively benefitting from each others work. What we wish to do, is bringing these groups together for mutual exchange, support, collective impact and a more systemic view.

    We are now starting to implement our ideas and experiment by preparing an open event for this Spring, where representatives from different CoPs can meet and share. Hopefully we’ll meet many of you there! The work group is also open for more participants with a low threshold.
    CoPs Ecosystem working group timeline

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