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EGA 2: Make Space for Adaptation and Experimentation

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    Kassia Rudd

    Our Berlin Arena (learn more here) brought practitioners, researchers, and activists together to share their experiences working towards change. Let’s continue to learn from one another here by critically considering the 6 Enabling Governance Arrangements (EGA) described by the University of Freiburg team.

    EGA 2: Make Space for Adaptation and Experimentation

    Adaptability within initiatives for sustainable and just cities means leaving space for careful modifications and detours along their path to fulfilling overarching visions. In other words, initiatives may benefit from continuously and collectively deciding how much they are willing to adapt their plans based on new information and circumstances. Therefore, adaptability requires regular internal reflection amongst initiative proponents on shifting political, social, ecological and economic conditions, as well as on new developments and knowledge from within the project. Openness to adaptation entails striking a balance between unresponsive devotion to pre-set agendas and a lack of persistence with decisions that have been made. A reflexive approach to adaptability can support initiatives’ efforts to remain viable, gain influence, and stick to their transformative ideas. A critical mass of initiative proponents who uphold an experimental ethos will allow for more learning opportunities and creative ways to tackle seemingly unchangeable injustices and unsustainable practices. (Learn more here!)

    1) Which parts of this EGA do you consider important for making cities more sustainable and just?

    2) What are barriers faced by city-makers who are trying to implement this EGA? Also think about context-specific barriers (e.g. between wealthy/poor, big/small, eastern/western cities etc.)

    Let’s continue the conversation!

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