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EGA 4: Commit to a Meaningful Participation Process

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    Kassia Rudd

    Our Berlin Arena (learn more here) brought practitioners, researchers, and activists together to share their experiences working towards change. Let’s continue to learn from one another here by critically considering the 6 Enabling Governance Arrangements (EGA) described by the University of Freiburg team.

    EGA 4: Commit to a Meaningful Participation Process

    Meaningful participation means that citizens’ inputs are seriously considered in inclusive design and governance processes, that they visibly shape initiatives’ outcomes, and thus can influence the status quo in urban sustainability and justice. Such a process is also cognisant of who is invited and capable of participating, since otherwise it runs the risk of becoming a further driver of injustice. Participation processes have to be aware that engagement might decline over time if no physical outcomes of the participation can be seen in the area. Additionally, institutions have to commit long-term to the process in order to build up trust and give residents the belief that their own time and energy investment is not wasted but is part of a long-term vision to change the area positively. (Learn more here!)

    1) Which parts of this EGA do you consider important for making cities more sustainable and just?

    2) What are barriers faced by city-makers who are trying to implement this EGA? Also think about context-specific barriers (e.g. between wealthy/poor, big/small, eastern/western cities etc.)

    Let’s continue the conversation!

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