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Urban Sustainability and Justice

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Introduce yourself 🙂

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    Abdul Otman

    Hi Lucia, thanks for the prompt to introduce ourselves. I work with ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability, as the Communications Coordinator. My passion for sustainable just cities has been ignited by working on UrbanA with its amazing partners and all those who have fed into the Arenas and work thus far. Iva

    Pauliina Helle

    Thanks Lucia, I’m happy for this thread. I’m curious to get to know more of the people behind UrbanA. I also work for ECOLISE (as a Network and Outreach Officer) and have a small role in supporting the UrbanA CoP. I have not been around for very long yet, so still learning about UrbanA and curious to follow this group.

    I’ve been long active in the ecovillage movement (GEN) and my focus has been more on rural areas, but I’m interested in community building and sustainability in all contexts. In fact, this year in GEN Finland we are starting to introduce the Transition Movement too (which is quite nonexistent in Finland) and broaden our work in supporting sustainable communities to urban contexts too. There is a seed for an emerging Community of Practice on city communities/ urban co-housing (particularly projects in their initial phase) and I try to keep my senses open for any resources that I could share with them for supporting their process. So if you have anything to share with me on that, I’m all ears 🙂 When it comes to social justice, it’s another very interesting topic for me, so I feel that I’m in the right place. Thanks for reading, looking forward to reading about YOU. Best,Pauliina

    Duncan Crowley

    Hi all, my name is Duncan O’Cruadhhlaoich (Crowley, in English) and I’m very happy to be on this fantastic adventure with you all..

    I am an Irish architect exploring community-led ecocities as means to counter climate emergency. I live in Lisbon and work on the UrbanA project with loads of amazing people. I help with the Communities of Practice part of the project and am always looking how it can expand to involve more groups and help them achieve their goals. Most recently we have had the “TNOC Adventure” and the kick off of the Portuguese Doughnut Economics network.

    I am a PhD student of “Architecture of Contemporary Metropolitan Territories” at ISCTE, using action research to build bridges and effect change. I am also part of DINÂMIA’CET + CE3C research groups. I have a Masters in Environment & Development, UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil. I Lived in Barcelona (2006-13), co-founded local Transition group, gained a Permaculture Design Certificate (2010) & was an Indignado (2011). I was Part of ECOLISE delegation to COP25, Madrid (2019) and am a River lover & Degrowther.


    We are nature defending itself

    Sara 2Maio

    Hello people from UrbanA and from Communities of Future! I am Sara, human born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, raised by an Italian dad in the humanitarian sector and a Romanian mother in the business sector. When I graduated from highschool and started University, I joined Greenpeace as a volunteer in awareness-rising campaigns and actions (incl. orangutan and polar bear costumed performances), co-funded an urban agriculture association as and an engaged theater group, while studying geography / urban planning in Geneva/Lausanne. I also run for the National Council as a Green party candidate (I did not got elected :)). After collecting many internships and short part-time contracts in Switzerland, Rwanda and USA, within different structures (local government, Impact Hubs, environmental consultancies, etc), I finally got the chance to join ICLEI Europe in 2018 and get some stability as a governance and social innovation officer, based in Freiburg, Germany. I am still there now working on various projects aiming to push and accelerate local transitions (eg. UrbanA, SMARTEES, UPLIFT) and research work for the European Environment Agency. Feel free to contact me via facebook, linkedin or via this forum, I would be delighted to know a bit from other committed individuals. Covid-free hug from Freiburg

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    Tom Henfrey

    Hi everyone, great to be meeting you in this group. I work with ECOLISE as Research Coordinator and am part of the UrbanA project team, with particular contributions to CoP facilitation and organisation of our knowledge commons. I’m particularly interested in how different forms of knowledge and ways of knowing can contribute to sustainability and justice – both in a practical sense as sources of new ideas, perspectives and insights, and in relation to epistemic justice and the need to honour and nurture cultural and biocultural diversity.

    Sophia S

    Hello Community 🙂
    I’m Sophia and I’ve been so happy to work alongside the UrbanA team to bring people together around the joint concepts of urban sustainability and justice. I’ve recently completed my Masters in Environmental Governance at the University of Freiburg, Germany, preceded by a Bachelors of Arts and Science in Canada. My current research focus is on how to foster learning between cities so that the amazing work that’s being done in one place can be shared far and wide in a way that is effective and just. Soon I would love to compliment my academic life with a hands-on community project that embodies the UrbanA values! Anyone know of such a project in Freiburg? Let me know!

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