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Translocal adventures, Communities of Practice and the TNOC Festival

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    Duncan Crowley

    A short report with video from our experiment this week to counter climate change and create better cities for nature and ALL humans, at the 5 day TNOC urban festival.

    Translocal adventures, Communities of Practice and the TNOC Festival

    UrbanA, ECOLISE and Communities for Future joined forces to lead an experimental seed session on the first day of the amazing The Nature of Cities Festival (with online discussions on the #TNOCFestival hashtag). About 25 people turned up from different corners of the planet, on Monday 22nd of February 2021, to explore the topic of “Translocal adventures in developing an Urban Systems Community of Practice”. The event was hosted by Giorgia Silvestri & Duncan Crowley from UrbanA and Sara Silva from ECOLISE.

    The Festival attempted to push boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future, its stated aim was to explore how to build better cities for nature and all citizens. The virtual festival spanned 5 days with programming across all regional time zones and translations provided in multiple languages. Our event sought to build on the guiding philosophy of the moment in these strange times:

    A lot of what we are trying to do with this event is experimental… Lots of people, time zones, languages, ways to interact. We might make some mistakes along the way. Please be patient.

    What was tried
    ECOLISE is the “European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability” and is the chief driver of these three interconnected projects. The overall aim of the work is to enable massive citizen-led system change to counter Climate Breakdown. The domain that this Urban Systems Community of Practice Ecosystem supports is nothing less than full eco-social just transition, to return the scope of human activity back within the limits of planet earth. Or to reconnect our ecological and ecological worlds, as Satish Kumar so wonderfully put it some time back… (hit link for full article, vid, links etc..)

    Duncan Crowley

    link here.

    Pauliina Helle

    Thanks Duncan for inviting us (ECOLISE) to this event! It’s really important that we go out, join other circles and engage in dialogue with different audiences. Thanks for your active approach on this!

    Duncan Crowley

    Geedorsh Pauliina, my pleasure to have more people to share adventures with…
    Thanks for responding here on the list, it was getting lonely in here.

    Big news for ye, when we get to chat next… .Yep, its about doughnuts

    Doughnuts in Portugal, is that a thing??
    Image via this tweet

    See you,


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