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Some bugs

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    Abdul Otman

    When I went searching in See all members I clicked on Last Active and scrolled down. When I got to the bottom of the page to
    Viewing 1 – 18 of 139 active members
    1 2 … 8

    I clicked on the arrow to scroll to the next page of members and first time it didn’t work. But I have done it again and now it works!

    It also worked when I clicked on sort by Newest registered, showing 139 members.

    When I then chose the option of listing the members in alphabetical order it shows that there are 237 members. How come the difference of 98 members?!?!

    Abdul Otman

    We have registered users that haven’t visited the website after their registration (for instance those who we migrated from Events or collaborate). The gap comes from this (140 registered members that logged in)

    Abdul Otman

    Ah ok thanks Abdul!

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