Communities for Future Policy group launches

In December 2020, the policy team launched its call for the Policy Circle, and it was with great pleasure that we received 60 registrations ranging from people involved in community-led initiatives across Europe, representatives from youth organisations, to scientists and people from the private sector.

On the 12th of January, the policy team held an introductory session for those who had shown interest and registered. The Policy Circle brings together the experiences and knowledge of its members to present to institutions responsible for creating legislation that impacts us. Its objective is to ensure that any kind of legislation framework or instruments that are created on our behalf enable our thriving.

This year the Policy Circle will contribute to the development of policy pathways by defining how we envision localisation to happen in each of these thematic areas. The Policy Circle will produce detailed policy recommendations at EU or national level based on existing legislative process or frameworks, or to fill in legislative gaps. The work of the Policy Circle will be kicked off in February with the first thematic group meetings.

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