Replay of Session #1 – The power of celebration and togetherness

Community activists from across Europe — in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK — gathered online to launch the Communities for Future Sessions on 21st October. We toasted each other and everyone working for a regenerative future and enjoyed a live music performance

Celebration easily becomes something we only reserve time for on very special occasions, a couple of times a year. Yet we all know that celebrating charges us with positive energy, opens us to a deeper connection, and marks moments that linger in the memory long after.

Ideally, celebration is an integral part of all phases of community-led projects, in bigger and smaller measures. In essence, celebration is an attitude and a practice that we can foster in our daily lives — in how we speak, in how we think of ourselves and of others, in how we allow ourselves to pause, to feel, and to embrace the world around us.

With all this in mind we launched our series of monthly Communities for Future sessions with — a celebration! We got together in an online space to celebrate the achievements of community-led initiatives in 2020.

We heard voices from different corners of Europe, sharing recent inspirations and stories from local communities. We learnt about Ikikaiku foundation in Finland returning private land back to commons, the German regional Communities for Future workshop presenting community-led approaches to policy makers, how in Edible Edinburgh under-privileged children are coming to community gardens and how Suderbyn ecovillage got the Swedish national Energy Globe Award — and much more. Moreover, we enjoyed a live music performance by the Amsterdam-based composer Kate Honey, of a piece called ‘Resilience’, composed exclusively for this occasion.

We raised a toast — and this was equally for ALL OF YOU working on the ground for climate resilience and for a regenerative future. Keep up the good work! And join us for our upcoming Communities for Future Sessions to share your stories!

Our series of monthly online sessions is meant as a space for building connection and a sense of belonging in an international community of peers, for finding our collective voice as a broad movement of community-led initiatives and for building our capacities as changemakers. We want to enable collaboration and support across geographic distances and across different community-led initiatives that all contribute to the same cause: for building a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world. Everyone engaged in community-led initiatives is welcome, just as well as people interested in getting to know these approaches or in supporting them. Please spread the word and join us in numbers!

See upcoming and past events

Sitting around the fire – an evening of story-telling and listening

Who are the people behind the various Community Lead Initiatives around Europe? This is an invitation to be curious for each other, showing ourselves as full human beings, starting from informal discussions for creating fertile soil where seeds of tighter collaboration and united efforts can grow and make our movements stronger We invite you to create an experience of a […]

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Webinar: ‘Bringing research and industry closer: Accelerating innovation and uptake of new technologies’

Pathways on Energy System Integration and Solar Power In January 2020, EERA launched the SUPEERA project that supports the implementation of the SET-Plan, integrating it at the same time into the broader context of the Clean Energy Transition. Among different high-level objectives, the project foresees activities to accelerate innovation and uptake by the industry. To this end, SUPEERA aims at : Analyse […]

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Energy Transition Conference 2021

Transition of society – Fair, just and sustainable? This year´s conference will mark the opening of the Energy Transition Week 2021, which will be organised from 26 - 30 April. The conference will be fully virtual.

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Meet and Greet with the Communities for Future Policy team

This is the second Meet and Greet organised by the Communities for Future policy team. The first one provided an opportunity to meet MEP Irena Joveva. This time we invite you to exchange with us on our 2021 priorities. REGISTER HERE.  

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Climate Action through deep collaboration: How can you engage with Communities for Future

We are living with unprecedented ecological, social, economic and political crises. At the same time, community-led initiatives across the world are developing a diversity of solutions. We need to build bridges among these initiatives and movements, and the people behind them. Now, more than ever, we need to bring collaboration on climate action to another level. We need to learn […]

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Fifth Energy and Society Conference

The theme of the conference calls into question how discourses about energy transition have been put into practice. As the “world’s hunger for energy” still appears to be increasing, the transition to clean sources of energy will need to be “revolutionary”, requiring the transformation of forms of social organization (Davidson and Gross, 2018). And yet, what is actually changing? And […]

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Building our Knowledge Commons: Working together to create a shared resource

How do you feel after reading an amazing book? You want to share it with your friends, don't you? What about a documentary? Or an intriguing article? How to share them all with everyone you know? How do we share them together? The amount of knowledge about a better world is overwhelming. Organizing this knowledge well and making it accessible is not an easy task. […]

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Communities of Practice – leveraging impact by learning together

Join us to explore what is a Community of Practice (CoP) and what can be their role in strengthening community-led responses to societal challenges. In this online session we will hear stories from three Communities of Practice from the ECOLISE network. These CoPs bring people with a shared passion to learn, experiment, and innovate together.  We explore what makes it […]

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Communities for Future Session#2 with Humanity Rising

Monday NOV 9th 2020, 1700-1900 CET In collaboration with Humanity Rising Global Solutions Summit, we will showcase the transformative potential of community-led action on climate change and sustainability. We will give voice to the movements of Ecovillages, Permaculture and Transition, which comprise the backbone of Communities for Future, the new Europe-wide action programme spearheaded by ECOLISE. We will hear about […]

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Communities for Future Session #1 – Celebration! How we’ve made a difference in 2020

We invite you to a virtual feast, celebrating the launch of the Communities for Future program and YOUR valuable work in community-led action groups contributing to a sustainable local and societal transition. This event is meant for displaying and celebrating together as a group of peers the big and small achievements and milestones from European community-led initiatives in 2020. For […]

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