Replay of Session #1 – The power of celebration and togetherness

Community activists from across Europe — in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK — gathered online to launch the Communities for Future Sessions on 21st October. We toasted each other and everyone working for a regenerative future and enjoyed a live music performance

Celebration easily becomes something we only reserve time for on very special occasions, a couple of times a year. Yet we all know that celebrating charges us with positive energy, opens us to a deeper connection, and marks moments that linger in the memory long after.

Ideally, celebration is an integral part of all phases of community-led projects, in bigger and smaller measures. In essence, celebration is an attitude and a practice that we can foster in our daily lives — in how we speak, in how we think of ourselves and of others, in how we allow ourselves to pause, to feel, and to embrace the world around us.

With all this in mind we launched our series of monthly Communities for Future sessions with — a celebration! We got together in an online space to celebrate the achievements of community-led initiatives in 2020.

We heard voices from different corners of Europe, sharing recent inspirations and stories from local communities. We learnt about Ikikaiku foundation in Finland returning private land back to commons, the German regional Communities for Future workshop presenting community-led approaches to policy makers, how in Edible Edinburgh under-privileged children are coming to community gardens and how Suderbyn ecovillage got the Swedish national Energy Globe Award — and much more. Moreover, we enjoyed a live music performance by the Amsterdam-based composer Kate Honey, of a piece called ‘Resilience’, composed exclusively for this occasion.

We raised a toast — and this was equally for ALL OF YOU working on the ground for climate resilience and for a regenerative future. Keep up the good work! And join us for our upcoming Communities for Future Sessions to share your stories!

Our series of monthly online sessions is meant as a space for building connection and a sense of belonging in an international community of peers, for finding our collective voice as a broad movement of community-led initiatives and for building our capacities as changemakers. We want to enable collaboration and support across geographic distances and across different community-led initiatives that all contribute to the same cause: for building a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world. Everyone engaged in community-led initiatives is welcome, just as well as people interested in getting to know these approaches or in supporting them. Please spread the word and join us in numbers!

See upcoming and past events

Fundraising Capacity Building

As Tom Nixon writes in this thought-provoking article “Why money is NOT fuel”: Unlike a car which cannot start without fuel, money is never the thing that starts (or ends) a creative endeavour. It’s this combination of a person, an idea and passion that attracts the resources an endeavour needs. It creates a compelling story that people want to be […]

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Policy Members Hour: Validation of the 10 theses on transformative community-led local development policies

ECOLISE has embarked on this policy positioning process of CLIs & the European Green Deal, together with partners, since this June 2022, and is aiming for a strong voice of community-led initiatives when it comes to improving the European Green Deal and implementing it locally, highlighting the role of citizens and communities into collective action. This session aims at assessing […]

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Policy Consultation: 10 theses on transformative community-led local development

How can we make regional and local development policies which support transformational change – driven by communities – a reality on the ground? As part of a series of conversations, we invite you to become part of the policy positioning process toward transformative regional and local development policies that put communities at the center.   Following the Policy Consultation kick-off […]

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Policy Consultation Process Kick-Off. Let’s build a united voice for Community-led Initiatives

We at ECOLISE think it is time to bring the voice of community-led initiatives into EU policy more strongly. Together with partners, we aim to make a call for transformational regional and local development policies, which enable a widespread community-led response to the multifaceted social and ecological crisis. We invite you to become part of this policy positioning process that […]

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Youth Voices on Climate, Sustainability, and Communities in Europe

Addressing the climate and biodiversity crises calls for creativity, transformation, and collective action. Around the world, young people are leading climate action and social justice movements, re-greening the land, and building sustainable communities in their regions. This year, coinciding with the European Year of Youth, the 6th European Day of Sustainable Communities, #EDSC2022, provides a platform to celebrate and support […]

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Reimagine Monitoring and Evaluation for Transformative Network Impact

What if monitoring and evaluation (M&E) could truly serve our transformational goals? In this Communities for Future session we will explore how M&E can be ‘unboxed’ from its confines of traditional linear and mechanistic approaches that often serve funders more than impact, and how we can do M&E in ways that help us learn, be more strategic, and strengthen our transformative impact.

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Member’s Hour on Policy Positioning and the EU Green Deal

In 2022 ECOLISE’s policy work will focus on position building with you, the members. Therefore we invite you to a Members’ Hour: “ECOLISE members and the European Green Deal: What’s in it for community-led initiatives?” on June 27th. Register here to get the Zoom link Agenda: Presentations & discussions: ECOLISE & the European Green Deal (EGD): What’s in it for […]

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The power of localisation: exploring transformative community-led initiatives

We are excited to offer you an online session to discover and explore the potential of Localisation in strengthening and mainstreaming community-led approaches as a response to the climate emergency. We will discuss what is localisation, and what type of localisation is needed, exploring what opportunities can bring, diving into how ECOLISE is approaching it, and showcasing a few key […]

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Network Onboarding and Orientation Call, June 13th 12:00 – 13:30 CEST

Are you new to ECOLISE or simply feel that you’d like to know more about what we do? We will organise a network onboarding call on June 13th from 12:00 - 13:30 CEST to provide information and orientation about ECOLISE, our network and ways to engage, including time for questions and answers, relationship building, and listening to your needs and […]

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Project Building session: June 6th

Registration form here Javier Montellano (Project Manager at GEN-Europe) and Norbert Steinhaus (International cooperation and networking at WILABONN) are leading the topic Better understanding of citizens’ behavioural and psychological reactions in the event of a disaster or crisis situation. One of the expected outcomes fits very well with the current work with GEN-Ukraine (Green Road): “Development of community-centred (vis-à-vis victim- […]

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