Community Climate Coaches

What is a Community Climate Coach?

Community Climate Coaches (CCCs) is an emerging climate justice profession. They are individuals that develop or support community-led projects related to climate justice, regenerating the land, society and economy towards territorial resilience.

They might be specialized in technical areas (e.g.: energy, construction, food) and/or social domains (e.g.: facilitation, organizing, education). CCCs can be leaders, facilitators or on-call experts. They work at the community level but can work with one or multiple communities.

They can be designing urban gardens, facilitating climate assemblies, hosting repair cafés, running ecosystem restoration camps or decolonization workshops. Equally they might support a community to generate and implement its own community climate action plan or community resilience plan.

Become a Community Climate Coach!

Our Community Climate Coaching approach is based on 6 Phases: 

  1. Personal Resilience + Growing Capacity 
  2. Building Community & Designing  Regenerative Interventions 
  3. Enabling Nature & Place Connection
  4. Appreciating Bioregional Ecosystems of Resilience
  5. Solidarity, Local Imaginaries & Social Dialogue
  6. Deepening Participation & Scaling Transformative Innovation

These are deepened through the following 5 competence areas, each with their own learning pathway (explored deeper in our Competence Framework):

Project Description:

Community Climate Coaches is an exciting Europe wide partnership which aims to develop a system to train, support and enable Community Climate Coaches (CCC) across Europe.

We know there is a pressing need for a massive transformative change to a sustainable low carbon future, and that community-based climate action is a key way to bring this change about. As such, the Community Climate Coaches project aims to develop a system to train, support and equip Community Climate Coaches (CCC) across Europe.

During the project, five free and open-source resources will be produced: 

In addition, 80 people will be engaged in four distinct CCC trainings across Europe. A further 400 will attend CCC events in person and on-line. Other dissemination activities across the partnership’s extensive networks will benefit many thousands of people by giving them access to and use of the CCC project outputs online.


The eight CCC project partners are a mix of networks of community-led initiatives as well as adult education providers and climate resilience specialists: 

For further information please contact Davie Philip,


While CCC material is not ready, find the work already done in the area of Transformative Blended Learning:

Do visit the following tools developed by other initiatives:


CCC is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Proj. ref.: 2020-1-IE01-KA204-066023


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