Replay Session: Diverse expertise boosts Communities of Practice ecosystem creation

It was a pleasure to receive several representatives from different communities of practice for our “Let’s Meet Among Communities of Practice for a Just Transition” event on Monday 28th June.

Here’s a graph showing the diversity of the fields of expertise present. Besides the ones explicitly mentioned in this slide we had also present Education & Training and Collaborative Technologies communities of practice.

This event was part of the co-design process of the Ecosystem of Communities of Practice related to the Communities for Future program. The purpose of this ecosystem is to serve as a medium for mainstreaming climate, environmental and sustainability practices and policies that are related to the themes of the different Communities of Practice that will be involved. You can read more about it in this presentation document.

The main goals of this event were to:

  1. Show where the ideation of the Ecosystem of Communities of Presentation is at;
  2. Get different communities of practice to get to know each other;
  3. Hear their stories and map needs and offers;
  4. Create an opportunity for synergies, facilitating a live marketplace;
  5. Invite others to join this journey.

If you were not present but are curious about what was shared at the event you can watch the replay video.

You can also take a peek into the event presentation slides and harvest documents where you can read main needs and offers from our participants, here.

If you want to know more about the ecosystem of communities of practice write an email to

Hope to hear from you soon!

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