Diverse voices & policy makers attend inaugural Communities for Future policy week

Diverse voices and policy makers across Europe joined the inaugural Communities for Future Policy week from 20th-28th September 2021.  The theme of the week was ‘Transformation through localisation of policy and decision-making’.

The opening event focused on three policy papers – Democratic political processes, Working with Nature and Transition Design – which were written collaboratively by participants in the Communities for Future policy circle.

Speakers on the morning included Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director in DG Clima; MEP Niklas Nienaß; Cillian Lohan, Vice-President of the EESC; Ugo Guarnaci,  European Research Executive Agency); Maëlys Garcia, Dynamique Jeunesse; activist Lydia Gratis and representatives of the grassroots community-led movement, youth and racialised communities.

Proceedings were beautifully captured by graphic artist Carlotta Cataldi.

On 26th September ECOLISE partners and members in Italy organised a day-long Communities for Future Regional policy event, entitled ‘The future belongs to intentional and sustainable communities. Among the topics explored were legal recognition of intentional communities, the social & solidarity economy, decolonization and participatory democracy, community currencies, energy communities and the bottom-up transition. Speakers included MEP Eleonora Evi.

The policy week ended on 28th September with a hybrid event organised in Brussels at the EESC and the Mundo-J building where ECOLISE has its office. The panel discussions covered Regenerative Culture, Bioregional Partnerships & Economic Diversity.  Speakers included Simona Vrevc, Slovenian presidency; Peter Schmidt, EESC; Matthew Bach, ICLEI Europe; Marlène Siméon, CEMR; Antonin Calderon, SmarketPlaces; and Jason Nardi of RIPESS who shared insights from the Italian event on 26th September. The event included breakout rooms for listening to voices that are rarely heard, discussion and networking.

Interpretation into French, Italian, Spanish and International English Sign Language were provided throughout.

Check out the live tweets from the opening and closing events here.

Watch a replay of the closing event here:

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