ECOLISE is not the only one who is campaigning – find out more about our partners!

For the upcoming European election, polls predict a shift to the political right, threatening what we care about, including climate and biodiversity protection, as the right has increasingly shown its opposition towards the European Green Deal and green policies. This could not come at a worst time as the year 2023 has been the warmest year on record and as we now know that Europe is the fastest warming continent. This means that vulnerable communities in Europe will be worst hit by climate impacts –  similar to a global situation where the most vulnerable nations are hit the hardest by climate change, despite having contributed the least to carbon emissions. 

In face of this, Ecolise and its partners mobilise and offer several actions to take as well as resources to share in order to show that we, the EU citizens, do call for climate action.

How are EU candidates and parties mobilising for us and environment?

What has the EU done for the environment so far? Several environmental organisations such as BirdLife Europe and Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E) have commissioned an overview of green EU action in the past five years and the impacts it has had on a national and regional level.

CAN-E together with leading climate and environment Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) has also produced a EU Parliament Scoreboard, an analysis of past voting behaviour of political groups during the 2019-2024 legislative term and a measure of each Member of the European Parliament (MEP)’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Some organisations have also reviewed EU parties and manifestos from an inter-sectional point of view. Women Engage for a Common Future has a scoreboard specially dedicated to ecofeminist themes, and Union of Justice is posting videos of analysis from a racial and climate justice angle.

Finally, our very own ECOLISE members have been busy, with the French Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne (CTC) explaining how EU policies are impacting the everyday life of french residents from air pollution to energy insecurity and Citizens for Ecological Learning & Living (CELL), who worked on an analysis of Luxembourg parties.

Make our voices and the convergences of our hopes visible

All over Europe, our partners invite us to demonstrate our support for a fair future for all.

✊ From the 31st May to the 2nd of June, we support the mobilisation on the streets coordinated by CAN-EU along with other organisations such as Good Farming, Friend of the Earth, Friday for future, etc…

🌍  67 cities are mobilising in 12 European countries! Find out on this map if an event is happening near you and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you plan on going. We might be there too, so let’s go together! Please write us at

You can also support the mobilisation online by using the hashtags: #WeMakeTheFuture and #VoteFutureEU!

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