ECOLISE’s campaign towards the EU elections: the countdown begins!

The upcoming EU elections are a decisive moment for the Green Deal and the planet.

Here we are, in less than 2 weeks, European citizens will be called to vote for the European elections (6 – 9 June 2024). Not only will it be a crucial occasion for democracy but also a make-or-break moment for the European Green Deal, a unique set of laws and policies that put the EU on a path towards becoming the first net-zero continent by 2050.

How does ECOLISE mobilise for the Green Deal and Community-led initiatives?

ECOLISE and its partners have formulated a vision and call-to-action on how to enable community-led transformation across Europe. During a process that involved more than 900 people and 140 supporting partner organisations, we collectively created and published our Time for Collective Action Manifesto, synthesising the impact and needs of community-led initiatives at EU policy level and destined to be shared with citizens and policy-makers alike.

We believe that the current ecological crisis is also a crisis of imagination. Because community-led initiatives do propose a diversity of examples of what a good life within planetary boundaries can be, we decided to collect and disseminate their stories. We are convinced that storytelling can drive momentum for policy reform and systemic change.  To build collective capacity, we offered a series of training on storytelling that already produced great results

These stories from ECOLISE networks form the core of our campaign targeting the European elections. Everyone is invited to share these stories and our campaign messages around the Time for Collective Action Manifesto in our upcoming social media storm (3 – 9 June, 11 am – 1 pm CET every day). To support you in this, ECOLISE has put together a comprehensive storytelling toolkit, where you can find ample information on how to participate in the campaign – either by telling your own story of collective action, and sharing it, or simply by sharing ECOLISE’s ready-made content. 

The toolkit comes with ready-to-use materials such as videos, posters and social media images to help you amplify the voices of community-led initiatives and convey the urgency of voting in the EU Elections. You will also find messages and hashtags made ready to use for a social media storm from 3 to 9 June ! You can find step by step explanations on how to participate in this storm here.

Lastly, we invite candidates who support our aims, to engage with and promote the arguments of the Manifesto and visit community-led initiatives across Europe during their campaigning. To engage with MEPs and candidates, please consult this article.

What can you do to be a part and support the campaign

Supporting the Time for Collective Action Manifesto campaign is easy. Here is a list of ideas:

  1. Ask your network to sign the Manifesto on the dedicated website.
  2. Create a snowball effect by becoming a campaign partner & asking your network to do so, as well.
  3. Embed the Manifesto on your website; available in multiple languages here for download also.
  4. Make use of the toolkit of the campaign (find it here) to tell your own story of collective action – like this one –  and  dive deeper into our resources.  
  5. Join our social media storm, every day from 3 to 9 June, from 11h-13h and use all available materials here or simply reshare the content that we will be publishing on X , Facebook and Instagram. Simply follow ECOLISE’s Community for Future social media accounts and the hashtag #TimeForCollectiveAction. You can find step by step explanations on how to participate in this storm here (link)
  6. Reach out to candidates and current members of the European Parliament! Find out how here (link)
  7. Take direct action by joining the demonstrations co-organised by Climate Action Network Europe (CAN-E) & others, from 31 May – 2 June, in different European cities. Here is a map of all actions planned – read also our blogpost on this (link) 
  8. Don’t forget to go vote! Elections take place some time between 6 – 9 June, depending on the country: find out when and how exactly.
  9. Forward these 8 action points to your network by forwarding this link to ECOLISE’s advocacy newsletter to them. 
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