Electricity Map – Mapping the climate impact of electricity

See how much CO₂ is emitted to produce your electricity, in real-time. The Electricity Map project is an open-source project which visualises the emissions of electricity generation across Europe along with the potential for renewable energy.

See how electricity is distributed across the continent, what energy sources are used and how much carbon is being produced to generate it. The up-to-date weather data shows what the current potential for solar and wind power is in individual countries. Wind and solar energy production depend on the weather. Press the sun and wind buttons to display the real-time strength of wind and sunshine throughout the world.

The areas are coloured by the Carbon Intensity (includes all greenhouse gases) of electricity consumed in that area. The greener the color, the more climate-friendly the electricity.

Arrows on the map indicate flows of electricity between different areas. Click on an area to see more information about the origins of its electricity.

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