EU elections campaign wrap up

EU elections campaign wrap up

It’s been a month already since the EU elections took place, and we are still processing it – time flies! 

How it all started

In the midst of our efforts coordinating the 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development in a participatory way, we identified the 2024 EU elections as a crucial event to get our message across.

We put together the Time for collective action Manifesto, the first outcome of the 10 theses, and presented it at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels back in November 2023. This was the kickstart of an advocacy campaign that we have been running up until the EU elections last June. 

Campaign Highlights

The elections brought a precious opportunity to spark conversations and raise awareness about the potential of community-led initiatives to bring transformative change forward, and we were committed to make the best out of it. So, we rolled out our sleeves and went down to work!

Campaign partners

We reached out to organisations and individuals from our network and beyond, to bring support to the dissemination of the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and to raise awareness about the importance of voting for a stronger, localised European Green Deal. So far, we have 70 campaign partners who are committed to supporting our manifesto and we wish for more to keep engaged at least until the end of the year. Interested in becoming a campaign partner? Please, fill in this form

Time for Collective Action Manifesto Microsite

Our Advocacy Campaign evolved around the Time for Collective Action Manifesto, which we published in a dedicated microsite aiming to gather as many possible signatures in order to share with the new MEPs by the end of the year. This manifesto is more than words; it’s a call to come together to create the spaces and time needed for this collective action. The manifesto reflects the diversity of citizen-led initiatives: it is a symphony of voices providing key ideas and policy demands directed to EU policy makers. By signing this manifesto you signal to policy makers that you are convinced of the power of local, community-led action for sustainability and the need for a strong European Green Deal.

Storytelling trainings: Stories of Collective Action

A couple of months before the elections, we partnered with Andrew Brightwell and Freya Barnes from Project Story for an immersive training on storytelling. The goal? To empower a dedicated group of campaign partners and ECOLISE team to bring out stories of collective action, aiming to inspire EU policy makers and citizens alike to recognise citizen-led initiatives as laboratories for transformative social innovation. These stories show that citizens can be, and already are, agents of change for strong sustainability and illustrate the barriers which stand in the way of living a good life within planetary boundaries. 

Community-led initiatives (CLIs) inspiring collective action

CLIs are diverse and include a wide variety of groups and organisations working in the fields of climate change and sustainablility  in a multitude of different approaches. Over 2 million Europeans are already engaged in the energy transition alone, not to mention urban gardens, community-supported agriculture, exchange systems like car-sharing, time banks & many other diverse initiatives. These initiatives are not only hands-on, practical actions to achieve sustainability: they are rays of hope, inspiring families, friends – and now, hopefully, policy makers. They train our muscles for social imagination: what if… we could all live well within the limits of the planet? They can help trigger societal change towards a socio-ecological transformation.

We created a video to show the diversity of CLIs and try to convey what they are and what they do, while inspiring citizens to get involved in their local communities.  

Watch and share the video:

Communications & Storytelling toolkit

We developed a toolkit to support the EU elections campaign including the video, a press release, social media materials to participate in a social media storm right before the elections, etc. The Storytelling toolkit is still available for anyone interested to write their own story of collective action until the end of the year.

Youth ambassadors

We collaborated with Amelie Krug, Ines Elvira, Sara Sousa and Sophia Orachunwong-Pochet who acted as Youth Ambassadors for the campaign. Their diverse background allowed them to diffuse the manifesto to a large base, notably towards the MEP candidates of their respective countries as well as youth environmental organisations. They have also represented ECOLISE at events when joining other organisations such as CAN-E or Fridays for Future in demonstrating in the streets of Brussels or holding an information booth in Paris to call EU policy makers to prioritise the need for climate action, nature restoration and a fair agricultural transition.


We launched a series of online CfF sessions throughout the campaign, in order to get aligned with campaign partners and raise awareness of the importance of a strong, localized European Green Deal towards the EU elections. 

You can watch the recordings of the events in the links below:

We also participated in external events such as the Liège Summit on Adaptation (8 – 9 Feb), the Climate Chance online event (30 May), the Liège Festival: One Health online event (April 2024), the Commons Provision Regulation: Partners dialogue (DG Regio, 12 June), plus active participation by the policy team in over 20 external events organised by EU policy stakeholders. Overall, we reached over 1200 persons through events.

Euractiv article and op-ed

Nina Klein, ECOLISE Policy lead, wrote an op-ed that was published in Euractiv,  a paneuropean media network specializing in EU affairs. Euractiv is known for its in-depth coverage and analysis of EU legislation, institutional activities, and their impact on member states and citizens. Euractiv published a special report on Local action spearheading climate resilience, including Nina´s article titled “Citizens would vote for the Green Deal – if only they knew about it” and an opinion piece by Dave Keating from Euractiv’s Advocacy Lab titled “Is the EU Green Deal ignoring the potential of local action?”

Stories of collective action: Open Call! 

So far, we have collected a total of 9 stories of collective action to be read/watched and shared, and we hope to keep receiving stories in the upcoming months. We aim to enhance our database with examples of community-led actions and share them with MEPs along with the Manifesto in a variety of events coming up this fall, both at EU and local level.

What’s next?

The elections are over, and as disappointing or promising the results may be (see our dedicated blogpost here), the goal remains as pertinent as ever: to empower the European Green Deal, the most powerful policy tool we have to date towards a greener, fairer and more sustainable Europe, through harnessing the power of collective action.  

That is why we stress the call to Sign the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and show policy makers that you demand urgent action for people and the planet. 

Our goal is to collect as many signatures as possible and call upon the newly-elected MEPs to act towards a strong, ambitious and localised European Green Deal with communities at the heart.

Sign the Time for Collective Action Manifesto and join the movement to demand a strong European Green Deal that puts people and the planet first.

We would like to finish this post by thanking all campaign partners, the ECOLISE team and council members, youth ambassadors, and service providers who have supported this campaign with passion and strong dedication. Your support has been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing this journey together!

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