European Day of Sustainable Communities #EDSC21

Welcome! This post gives tips and advice for promoting your European Day of Sustainable Communities event.

From 1st June 2021 you can register your event. We welcome events between 11th and 25th September 2021.

Online promotion

Save the date email

A short save the date email is a great way to kickstart interest in your event. Send it months in advance with just the following information:

  • Name of your event
  • Your organisation’s name
  • Date and location
  • The event and who it is aimed at

Make sure people know how to reach you by including your contact info and links to your website and social media platforms.

Social media

Social media is a great tool to maintain your supporters’ attention and gain new support.

We’ve prepared several Save the Dates for sharing on your social media that you can translate and edit as you wish.

You are also welcome to use different texts that we prepared for sharing on social media and your website. Check here.

We invite you to use our hashtag #EDSC21 when you are posting on Instagram and Twitter, so your posts may appear on our social wall and we’ll be able to find and reshare your content. For the same reason, tag our facebook page when you are posting on your Facebook pages or events.


 After sending your introductory Save the Date email, continue to remind your audience of your event through updates, interesting details and new developments surrounding it.

Make sure your emails lead your audience to your website and/or social media pages — especially if your event requires an RSVP. Make sure to include buttons and links to your website.

Calls to action (CTA)

A call to action can come in many forms. It can be a statement at the end of your email campaign, a photo series as a part of your social media content or a landing page on your website.

Here are few suggestions for calls to action:

Join Communities for Future, celebrate the European Day of Sustainable Communities

Join the celebration of local communities taking action for a better world! Celebrate the European Day of Sustainable Communities

day of sustainable communities brussels event people celebrating


Word of mouth is one reliable way of promoting your event!  Tell our network about the European Day of Sustainable Communities, the event you are organising and how they can support it.

Raise awareness at other events

Whenever you attend other events, promote your EDSC event.

Local Media Coverage

Press releases

Writing a press release for your event, and sending it to reporters, is the first step towards getting media coverage of your event. There is a specific format for press releases in order to tell your story in a catchy, concise way.

You are welcome to use our press release template for European Day of Sustainable Communities and translate it to your language. Make sure you add in your local ‘hook’, which will help get the story picked up in your local media.

We will issue two press releases for you to use:

  • The first on Tuesday 1st June 2021 when registration opens on our website
  • The second on 7th September 2021. It will include the latest information about the day with details of all the events that are registered across Europe.

Contacting Journalists

You need to identify which media and reporters you are going to send your press release to well in advance. Research which media outlets (newspapers, radio, TV) you think may be interested in your story and get the contact emails of journalists who work with them. Also gather the general news email address.  Your National Contact Point may be able to help you.

Then reach out to them by emailing the press release. Two to three weeks before your event is the ideal time to send press releases out. It’s a good idea to follow up your email with a very quick phone call – journalists get thousands of emails! – where you explain in 30 seconds why they should cover your event.

Radio promotion

Reach out to radio station managers and see if you can get a spot. If you get invited on a radio show, make sure you have three things that you want to say about your event. When you are on air say what you want to say, regardless of what the radio host asks you!

Follow up & Feedback

Please upload photos of your events here, by creating your own folder with the event name and country.

EDSC online community

Social media

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