Who should get involved?

CfF is for citizens and communities who want to live more sustainably within Earth’s limits. It is also for actors that want to support the success of community-led action.

If you’re part of an existing community-led initiative or want to join one or set one up, or if you are an interested policy maker or researcher, you’re in the right place. CfF provides information on different ways to get involved in transformative change aimed at individuals, organisations and policy makers.

Why should I get involved?

We all can do something and together we are stronger. A movement of connected communities can lead the way to a better future for all – and the time to act is now! Thriving community groups know what wellbeing within planetary boundaries looks like in practice – and the world needs this hope and inspiration! The role of communities and community level action is not yet fully recognized as a key driver of transformative societal development. Communities need enabling structures, better resourcing and recognition. Your support is needed! 

Communities for Future offers: a space to engage with like-minded organisations and movements (e.g. through our Communities of Practice, events and networking opportunities); a knowledge commons to pool information and resources; and support through information on funding opportunities, training and capacity building.

Can I volunteer or do an internship with CfF?

At the moment, we don’t have the resources to offer paid internships or a structured volunteering programme. However, if you are interested in working or volunteering as part of a university internship scheme, a national employment scheme, an international volunteering programme, or similar, contact us. We do welcome unpaid volunteers and contributors as members of our specific working groups for more punctual and short term tasks (less than 2 days/week).

If you’re interested in on-site, hands-on action and learning, please reach out directly to community-led initiatives in your desired region or explore volunteering sites such as WWOOF, Workaway or HelpX.You can also reach out if your community-led initiative or organisation has internship opportunities to share with the network.

Where can I find out about funding opportunities?

Take a look at the Funding page, our CfF Session on Fundraising and the ECOLISE website to find out about different opportunities to fund community-led climate and environmental action. 

What is a ‘community’ in the context of Communities for Future?

In the context of Communities for Future, we consider a ‘communityas any group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common that contributes to sustainability and responds to the climate challenge -whether directly or indirectly.

What is a community-led initiative?

A community-led initiative (CLIs) is any form of action undertaken by self-organised groups of people, often living in the same locality, towards social and environmental goals.

The main types of CLIs within CfF are ecovillages, transition groups and permaculture projects. Others can be for example community gardens, time banks, community energy solutions, repair shops and many more.

Where can I learn more about community-led initiatives?

Visit the Communities of Future wiki where we collect information about community-led initiatives on climate action and sustainability, bridging formal research and knowledge arising from practical action.

Have another question?

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