Inspiring Stories for a Community-Led Future

We are hardwired to create and share stories. A well-told story helps us re-imagine our lives, gives us hope, and offers us a sense of what is possible

There are many great examples of inspirational community-led initiatives that are helping their local areas flourish: Transition initiatives, ecovillages, Local Action Groups, renewable energy cooperatives, community farms, permaculture and other grassroots projects. Here we share their stories.


A time to applaud and celebrate the local communities taking action for a more regenerative, just, and inclusive Europe

In 2020 communities in 27 countries organized hundreds of events to celebrate the fifth European Day of Sustainable Communities. They hosted conferences, open days, apple harvests, tours, concerts, shared meals, and much more. This year things have changed radically. Many gatherings will only be possible online. Nevertheless, communities are organizing to mark the day. Check out what’s happening near you (or online) and join in!

626 Communities
27 Countries
+6000 Participants
2 Continents
+100 Celebrations


Map of transformational community-led initiatives

Wondering how many communities are taking action on climate change and sustainability?! There are thousands. Transiscope collates exiting information about the initiatives and presents them as a single map. For now Transiscope is only available in French. The Transiscope team is working on an English version. We’ll keep you updated on their progress.

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