Practical Solutions

In community-led projects, both theory and practice are important. Here we share some practical solutions for transformative community life, work, and collaboration.

A library of ecovillage sustainabilty solutions

This Solution Library is compiled by Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). It provides workable practical actions to existing problems and challenges, organized geographically or through the five dimensions identified by GEN:

  • Environmental
  • Socia
  • Economic
  • Cultural/Worldview
  • and Whole System (which integrates all four other dimensions in one)

52 Climate Actions, one for each week of the year

The 52 Climate Actions website presents realistic, fun and upbeat actions that are workable and effective. They can be taken at individual, community and global level. 52 Climate Actions has been developed by organisations connected with the>Permaculture movement.

Solutions from the Permaculture Knowledge Base

Permaculture is a design process that helps design intelligent systems to meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet, and creating a fairer world for all. The Permaculture knowledge base provides information on over 180 practical solutions, with links to videos, weblinks, books, and organizations.


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