Interested in Consortium Benchmarking?

The COMETS project is using the methodology of Consortium Benchmarking to understand how can collective action initiatives contribute to the energy transition and how can they get better in doing so. If you are participating in this project or if you have heard about it, you may be interested about this methodology. What does it consist on? How is it implemented? What is the added value of this method? Is it working well?

The method is going to be implemented between December 2020 and spring of 2021 so soon we will be able to share how it went. Meanwhile, if you are interested about the method you can start by having a look at the Consortium Benchmarking Methodology Guide available online in the following link ( or you can also check the literature bellow.

photo of time lapse as illustration of knowledge comming from different places

If you want to know more let us know.

Best wishes for a year of 2021 with good investments in energy transition,

André Vizinho

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