Join the Time for Collective Action Social Media Storm in the week before the elections

Join the Time for Collective Action Social Media Storm

From June 3rd to June 9th – every day from 11h-13h CET, ECOLISE and partners are making joint push on social media for our campaign targeting the European elections – together with you and with everyone else who has joined our campaign so far.

When: 3 – 9 June, 11 – 13 h CET

Where: online, on social media 

How to join our social media storm

. Explore the different pages on the document to find text, hashtags, links and graphic material (video and images) tailored for various social media channels (X, Facebook, Instagram).  We have compiled these resources from the Time for Collective Action advocacy campaign and from other partner organisations aligned with our messages

This is a living document and we will be adding more resources during the week. Use the text, hashtags and images to  post directly in your channels as they are or adaptas you  see fit. 

We ask you to use the main hashtag for the campaign #TimeForCollectiveAction in all your posts.

For Instagram users, please add the microsite to your bio to direct your posts

  • Repost / Comment / Share / Like

If you haven´t done so already, follow Communities for Future on X: @CfF_Communities, Facebook: @communities.for.future  IG: @communitiesforfuture and Linkedin: @ECOLISE  You can also track the campaign hashtag #TimeForCollectiveAction to find related content

Repost the content from our social media pages, comment to increase reach, share through direct messages with your networks and like our posts. Every interaction  brings us closer to our ultimate goal: making #TimeforCollectiveAction  trend.

  • Share your Story of Collective Action 

Campaign partners who had the chance to craft their own stories of collective action are encouraged to share them in social media. In the storytelling toolkit you will find social media templates to embed your story and make it shareable. 

Get ready to post, repost, get reposted, tag and get tagged from 3rd of June!

Add the social media storm as an event to your calendar

We aim to make #TimeForCollectiveAction a trend across social media throughout the entire week before the elections! 

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