Let’s continue the discussion of how you can engage with Communities for Future

On Feb 23rd we opened an important discussion: 

How can the Communities for Future programme enable meaningful and powerful collaboration on community-led climate action?

It is clear that the Communities for Future journey is only at the beginning, and it can only be done together, as a broad network of communities and stakeholders. We keenly invite you to join us, and help us make this programme the best possible support for European community-led initiatives.

Our Communities for Future Session on Feb 23rd 2021 had a special flavour of community as we explored Climate Action through deep collaboration: How can you engage with Communities for Future?  In this event we first heard ECOLISE Council members and staff giving an overview of the vision and path of the Communities for Future action programme. We presented a diagram of the current entry points for engaging with Communities for Future, such as our Advocacy Meet & Greets, Communities of Practice Ecosystem working group, Network Health Circle and the Knowledge Commons Curation Circle.

In breakout rooms we asked for insights on How to enable meaningful and powerful collaboration on community-led climate action? And How to bring people with us? Many people mentioned the transformative potential of practical hands-on action, inspiring examples and real life stories that really move people. The value of including and attracting more diverse groups was highlighted, as well as the importance of trust and relationship building. We greatly appreciate all the participant input and will do our best to keep the ideas alive and explore them further!

If you are curious to find out more about what was discussed and get a full picture of the current entry points to Communities for Future, please look at our event summary, which captures the main content of the session. If you missed the session, please watch the replay here – and join us next time!

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