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Jane Feeney

How do Collective Action Energy Projects Engage Citizens and Encourage Participation?

Collective action energy projects put citizens at the centre of the energy transition. These include energy cooperatives, associations and ecovillages. But how do initiatives like these effectively engage with local comm...
Jane Feeney

Collective Action Initiatives in the Energy Transition: Five Key Takeaways from the COMETS Project

Addressing the climate emergency requires immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors. This calls for an unprecedented transformation of our energy system and a massive uptake of renewable energy. The rece...
Abdul Otman

CéléWatt, a solar park mounted on timber

A small-scale, community-owned solar energy park in Lot, France, uses locally sourced timber to support the photovoltaic panels. The community solar park occupies less than one hectare of land to allow energy productio...
Sarah Delvaux

Collective Action Initiatives in energy: a means to unlock citizen engagement in the energy transition? A Belgian perspective.

Collective forms of engaging in energy attract a lot of attention in energy research. Although they are not new, the increasing decentralisation of energy resources witnesses the resurgence of collective activities in ...
Abdul Otman

Coopérnico renewable energy cooperative, Portugal

Coopérnico was founded in 2013, with the aim of harnessing solar power for the benefit of local communities. It now has 1772 members, investments of €1.8 million, and 1179 contracts. Coopérnico rents roof-space for i...
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