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Ricardo Silva

Inspiring lifestyle change through permaculture teaching in Croatia

‘Our emphasis is on regenerative resilience: not preserving people’s way of life, but adapting and enriching everything, from soil to relationships.’ Community Facilitator: Gordana Dragičević, Transition hub repr...
Association Vestigium

An urban community as an inspiration

Vestigium Association (lat. footprint) is an ecological-creative association and community for improving the quality of our members by approaching and promoting a healthy and sustainable way for our future. Our communit...
Edit Jagodics

4 SEASONS COURSE – Taste natural life in the countryside

The Four Seasons Course is a framework developed for adults. This complex course is designed to help those people, who want to live in rural areas – either plan to move in the near future or already live there. It is ...
Abdul Otman

Swedish ecovillage generates its own biogas

Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage has installed a small-scale micro-biogas digester to generate fuel for cooking and heating. The digester is fed with local food and garden waste. This small-scale biogas digester can b...
Abdul Otman

Grădinescu urban gardens, Romania

The urban garden network started with a garden that was created around a supermarket in Bucharest. With financial support and the experience of those involved in Romanian permaculture and Transition movements, similiar g...
Abdul Otman

Practical solutions on energy technologies

There is a whole world of information to compile in order to support collective action initiatives for the energy transition. The Permaculture Institute UK has embraced this challenge of compiling knowledge and resources...
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