Author: Jane Feeney

Jane Feeney

Exploring Biodiversity Science and Policy through IPBES

At the IPBES 10 Plenary, ECOLISE became an observer organisation of IPBES, which harnesses the best expertise on biodiversity from across all scientific disciplines and knowledge communities. We believe that community-le...
Jane Feeney

From Community Action to Policy Change: 3 Key Takeaways from ECOLISE’s 2022 Policy Positioning Process

Humanity is facing a deep and multifaceted social-ecological crisis. Only with radical transformations of our values, institutions and behaviours can we begin to create a world based on social equity that allows for a go...
Jane Feeney

Wrap-up of ECOLISE’s 2022 Policy Stakeholder Event

Community-led initiatives and the European Green Deal: towards transformative local development policies ECOLISE has been in conversation with members and partners during a consultation process around 10 theses toward...
Jane Feeney

Youth Voices on Climate, Sustainability, and Communities in Europe

Addressing the climate and biodiversity crises calls for creativity, transformation, and collective action. Around the world, young people are leading climate action and social justice movements, re-greening the land, an...
Jane Feeney

How do Collective Action Energy Projects Engage Citizens and Encourage Participation?

Collective action energy projects put citizens at the centre of the energy transition. These include energy cooperatives, associations and ecovillages. But how do initiatives like these effectively engage with local comm...
Jane Feeney

Collective Action Initiatives in the Energy Transition: Five Key Takeaways from the COMETS Project

Addressing the climate emergency requires immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors. This calls for an unprecedented transformation of our energy system and a massive uptake of renewable energy. The rece...
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